Saturday, June 19, 2010

Linked in - contact requests

Have you ever received a linkedin connection request from someone you dont know? What did you do with it? Did you receive an email request to help with a job in your company immediately after accepting the request? How did you respond? Here is an example of request I received and my response:


By looking at your resume and your emails, I could tell that you are desperately seeking a job. I can understand your situation. This is the piece of advice I have to offer:

  • Work on your resume - it is not telling much regarding why someone should hire you
  • Show what you could do for a company
  • Dont show your desperation
  • Rather than applying for each and every job, identify few jobs for which you are a good fit
  • Pursue those hard. You may have contacted other people like you contacted me. Be professional and fair. Someone, who doesn't know you, will not recommend you unless they see something good coming out of it for their company
  • Work with recruiters in your area. Talk to them in person and share how good you are. They are probably the best bet for you.
  • Continuously learn from this process and keep improving.

Hope this helps.

--- On Fri, 6/18/10, John Doe via LinkedIn wrote:


John Doe has sent you a message.

Date: 6/18/2010

Subject: Regarding Position in company_name

Dear ___,
I have sent you my resume in my previous email.Please HELP me to get any suitable position in the company.
I sincerely hope to receive your guidance and recommendation for employment.

Best regards always,

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BTW, I generally ignore connection requests from people I dont know or dont want to know.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Business Happiness

When is a business happy?

  1. Making boatloads of money?
  2. Getting govt bailouts?
  3. Employees are happy?
  4. Long-term sustained growth potential?
  5. ?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Enabling Leadership

Enabling Leadership = Motivating people to efficiently do what they would have done anyway, if they:

  • understood what is expected out of them

  • could clearly visualize and articulate the end state

  • were motivated to achieve that end state

As the business world becomes more complex and effective collaboration among various employee groups becomes the key to success, herd leadership models will fall way short of delivering results!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Housing Crisis: Begining of the end or the end of the begining?

If history has to be believed, we are in the recession/mortgage crisis for another year or two. One of the reports published by IMF today suggests, even though correction in house prices has started, it is still far from "bottomed-out". Solace is in the fact that correction is happening since last 18 months and it should be mid-way through soon. If the interpretation is correct, $700 billion bailout is not going to be of much help. It may save some companies on the wallstreet but for some families this winter is going to be harsh.

Original Report & a video on youtube explaining the situation in detail:


News Story:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wall Street Meltdown: Just 26 or more?

As predicted in an earlier post on this blog, there are more firms involved. Initial report says 26 firms are under FBI investigation. Should there be more? "Speculation" is, yes!

Read the detailed story:

Wall Street Meltdown: What we know and what we dont?

Facts of the matter are:

  • Lot of Americans have lost a sizable chunk of their retirement savings and they are really mad and concerned about this whole fiasco
  • The remaining two investment banks, Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley have lost their investment bank status and have been 'regularized'. Yes, they will have to start accepting deposits. Probably, they were forced to request a change in their status by the Fed.
  • Replicans and Democrats together(really?) are trying to finalize the details of the biggest bailout in the history
  • Value of investments in US by China, UAE & India have been wiped-out, almost

While possibilities exist that:

  • There are many more skeletons hidden in the Wall Street closet
  • Availability of capital in future will be scarce
  • If we do not see too many foreign countries helping with the bailout, that will signal that even after the meltdown, assets are overvalued. And that will be bad news!!! Need to dig further; why Germany said no to participate in the bailout?
  • As the capital will flow to foreign markets increasing the supply, it will decrease the threshold for even more projects in those markets. Majority of the capital would still be attracted by US owned businesses in BRIC or VISTA countries. Meaning? Buying the stocks of those companies which have global presence may present a money-making opportunity. Now, why is the bailout necessary?